Growing up I didn't realize the uniqueness and strength of my name, in fact I was embarrassed by it. Not until I got older did I recognize the significance the name embodied. Because just like the individuals the name derived from, it encompasses everything our culture represents, Strength, Courage, Perseverance, but most of all Resilience. Our contributions and importance has been deliberately diminished, however our spirit along with our influence can never be. We are the origin. Our diversity, creativity, and uniqueness is why our culture is the template, and inspiration for all. Which is why JLASALLE APPAREL COMPANY (JA CO.) was founded. Our goal was to embrace our heritage along with the greatness of our ancestors, giving credence to our Power and Influence. So when you put on one of our Jlasalle Apparel Co. garments, be proud that you are representing all those that came before us! Remember, create your own narrative, and never underestimate your Power And Influence!


We only use high quality premium products which gives our apparel longevity. So whether your laying around the house in your favorite tee, or a casual night out on the town...We Got You Covered! 

Jimmilleon Lasalle - Owner/Founder